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Security Services

Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Our Guards are trained to seamlessly blend in to their environment. We understand that we are the direct representation of our clients and not just a physical presence. Our services will exceed your expectations and allow you to be relaxed in any situation knowing that our guards are present to protect your interests.

  • Provide for your privacy & safety 
  • Personal security to eliminate hostile threats 
  • Escort services for financial transactions 
  • Expert witness testimony 
  • Medical Aid 
  • Liaison services to minimize exposure to Media 
  • Secure transportation to engagements 

We provide a personalized executive protection plan. This means we:

  • Base executive protection on your situational needs
  • Develop a complete client profile and destination assessment
  • Respect your privacy by pre-identifying approved associates
  • Limit exposure to media and provide crowd control measures
  • Ensure your personal safety

Expert witness statements. Eviction notifications. Liaison services.

Escort services for: VIP arrivals & departures, Security concierge, Vehicle convoys.