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Security Services

Security Services

Security Services

We understand that our local and state law enforcement resources are stretched to all-time thin levels due to budget constraints and shrinking staffing. This dramatically impacts the level of service provided to the community. This is where Paez Patrol Security specializes. Paez has assembled the finest civilian security force available to work in tandem with local resources. With our guard service, agents stay on-site and are in contact with the property owner and law enforcement. Our guards take on the role of first responders available to render assistance and call for additional resources. You will have direct communication with our company at all times. We provide documentation displaying what time we were at your location, what enforcement activities we conducted, we will inform you of all suspicious activities that we are monitoring, and list reports of persons and vehicles to help eliminate criminal opportunities.

We conduct pre-employment screening and on-going training to keep our employees sharp. By treating our employees with the same respect and attention to detail that we provide to our clients, we maintain an elite security service available to you. You can expect to see the same people proudly wearing our uniform because our employees are treated like family. Each member of the Paez security team treats our clients with the utmost respect; we are a family company and our service represents our personal values. You can expect to be personally introduced to our staff and will recognize the same people covering your location.

Our clients stay with us year upon year because the services we render are nothing like our competitors.

If our guards observe something that needs your attention we will report to you in person to ensure that problems are taken care of immediately.