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Key Accountabilities

Key Accountabilities 

Paez Patrol Security, Inc. delivers customer service with tact and courtesy. We will integrate protection of company property and personnel to enforce a quality of life environment that exceeds your expectations.

Our basic service includes:

  • Risk Assessment 
  • Identifying potential attacks
  • Performing safety checks and location lock downs
  • Providing security escorts as needed
  • Monitoring traffic and parking situations
  • Maintaining checkpoints and implementing crowd control techniques so that Company policies and regulations are enforced
  • On a daily basis we observe and report all incidents, document all discrepancies, operate and monitor alarm systems, respond to any emergencies and complete concise reports that are available to you on a daily basis via email.
  • Paez Patrol Security not only serves clients; we work towards building professional relationships to provide you with superior service. 
  • We respond to any work related discrepancies within 24 hours. We find and give solutions to security needs and concerns.